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Tiger Patch

Why I wear the patch

It seems that back in the 1970’s sewing an SKA tiger patch onto your gi was common practice. Perhaps due to SKA’s emphasis on humility and eschewing flashy displays, this practice fell out of favor. In the late 1990’s, almost all SKA people had plain white gi’s with no labeling whatsoever.

No so long ago, I was talking with friends, who all agreed that SKA is a very special and wonderful group of people. It’s a shame our organization goes light on marketing efforts and a shame we don’t let more folks know about SKA, and so why not wear the SKA patch. We all have a deep respect for Ohshima Sensei and believe SKA is a great organization. What better way to demonstrate our allegiance and support for SKA than the SKA patch.

Anyway, we all started wearing patches. We encourage you to wear one, too. Besides the patches look great.

Where do I get one?

Join SKA. Then you’ll get access to the members section of The official SKA Tiger Patch is available on the e-store for $5.00. Since shipping is $6.00, it’s usually better to buy from someone who has recently traveled to the Shotokan Ohshima Dojo. Many of our brown and black belts travel there often and usually buy extra patches.