San Jose Dojo – Shotokan Karate of America

The original nonprofit organization teaching traditional karate in America since 1956


Once you have decided to continue, payments are made to two organizations, San Jose Dojo and our national organization, Shotokan Karate of America (SKA).

If you cannot pay your dues and fees on time, talk to an instructor. Alternatives are available.

San Jose Dojo fees

Dojo fees are due the first day of each quarter (each quarterly session lasts three months).

Date Amount
Jan 1st $300
April 1st $300
July 1st $300
October 1st $300

To encourage new students to join anytime, new members who join mid-quarter instead pay a prorated fee1.

Proceeds pay for:

Dojo fees payable to Johnny Martin, check or cash.

Before making your first practice you will need to sign the San Jose Dojo’s liability waiver and photo waiver.

SKA membership

Shortly after joining San Jose Dojo, you will need to become an SKA member. You must obtain approval to join SKA from an instructor who will provide you with an SKA membership form. You are responsible for mailing the form and fees to SKA headquarters.

As of 2019, new SKA members pay $75 for their first year and receive:

No fees for:

Memberships in our national organization renew at the beginning of each year. Please make every effort to renew your SKA membership promptly.

  1. The prorated initial fee discount is computed by counting the number of practices before the start date divided by total practices in a quarter, then subtracting this amount from the quarterly fee. The quarterly fee payment, minus this discount, should be made once the student decides to join. [return]